Three Core TEC Line

Power & comms to integrate in-well components with surface control system

Three Core TEC Line

Silverwell’s Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift (DIAL) gas lift production optimization system uses a Tubing Encased Conductor (TEC) line for communication and control between downhole DIAL Units and the Surface Control System (SCS).


  1. Power and communications

    Pathway for monitoring and control of in-well components of DIAL system: Concentric and Slimline DIAL Gas Lift Units, DIAL Sensing Units

  2. Integrates DIAL system

    Packer feed through, wellhead penetrations and wellhead outlet


  1. ¼ Inch metal tube

  2. SS316 or A825 options

  3. Outer encapsulation options - Polypropylene, EFE, or Nylon

  4. Integrity testing as Run In Hole

  5. Field installable


  1. Industry standard for integration with completion components - packers, tubing hanger penetrations, wellhead outlets, protectors and clamps

  2. Tubing metallurgy can be tailored to suite the well environment

  3. Resists damage during installation. Alternate materials available upon request

  4. Consistent and verifiable continuity and comms testing for early identification and remediation of TEC damage

  5. Cut to length and terminated at the well site using industry standard techniques for safety and efficiency

Case Histories

Operators around the world are continuously optimizing gas lifted production with DIAL wells configured for single string, dual string or in-situ production.

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Dual String DIAL System Successfully Installed for Offshore South East Asia Operator

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Neural Crew 1

DIAL System Installed in High Deviation Offshore Well

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ADNOC Training School

DIAL System Supports Middle East Operator’s Strategic Vision of Digital Oilfield

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Silverwell Agrees Three-Year Multi-Well Gas Lift Contract with Major NOC in S.E. Asia

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