About Silverwell

Who we are. How we grow.

How We Grow

Since 2009 we have developed and commercialized a Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift production optimization system that improves gas lift well performance. Our DIAL system is used onshore and offshore by operators around the world.

Silverwell is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Engineering and Manufacturing are centered in a multi-functional facility in Houston, Texas, USA, along with Sales, Marketing, and Field Operations.

We have region offices and operations in Dubai, UAE and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our global network of agents serves most oilfield operating areas.

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Our Management Team

Silverwell’s Leadership Team has a unique breadth and depth of expertise.

Our Board of Directors

Silverwell is a privately-owned UK company.


DIAL is a production optimization system integrating in-well monitoring and control of gas lift well performance, with surface analytics and automation, to continually optimize gas lifted fields, remotely and without intervention.


At Silverwell, we prioritize meeting and exceeding customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements. Our commitment is to ensure compliance and deliver exceptional service.

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