DIAL Cablehead Termination

High reliability testable TEC connections

DIAL Cablehead Termination

DIAL in-well units are connected to surface via a Tubing Encased Conductor (TEC). This provides power and communication.


  1. All DIAL installations

    Supplied with all concentric, slimline and sensing DIAL units.

  2. Assuring reliability

    Made up and integrity tested prior to and during installation.

  3. Splice kits

    Included in splice kits and splice subs for reliable well-site repair of damaged TEC.


  1. Preassembled with pluggable electrical connectors and no crimps

  2. Easily reconnectable at the wellsite with no additional equipment cost

  3. Industry standard and proven metal-to-metal seals

  4. Pressure testable in the shop and at the rig-floor

  5. Includes redundant Glass to Metal Seal (GTMS) to protect DIAL unit electronics from gas ingress


  1. Ease of installation by field crew with reduced rig time compared to non “plug-n-play” systems

  2. Accommodates un-planned adjustments to completion configuration

  3. Reliable gas-tight connection assures life-of-well provision of power and communications to DIAL system

  4. Assured and verifiable for reliability of interface between TEC and cablehead termination

  5. Further assure reliability of DIAL production optimization system

Case Histories

Operators around the world are continuously optimizing gas lifted production with DIAL wells configured for single string, dual string or in-situ production.

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DIAL System Installed in High Deviation Offshore Well

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ADNOC Training School

DIAL System Supports Middle East Operator’s Strategic Vision of Digital Oilfield

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