We offer a range of services to support our clients in the planning, installation and operation of DIAL gas lift production optimization systems. We pride ourselves on our service quality. We have unique in-house expertise in design, manufacture, system integration, installation, commissioning and operation of intelligent gas lift systems.

  1. Application Engineering

    Analysing well design and production objectives to recommend most appropriate DIAL gas lift system, including comparative performance analysis between DIAL and conventional gas lift technology.

  2. Project Management

    Planning and coordinating of all aspects of DIAL system delivery including manufacturing QA/QC verification, data and system integration, developing installation procedures and unloading program.

  3. System Integration

    Collaborating with I&E engineers and control system supplies to fully integrate DIAL’s data monitoring and lift gas control with DCS and SCADA systems.

  4. Installation Services

    Providing highly experienced engineers and technicians, associated services and support equipment to assure incident free and reliable installation.

  5. Production Support

    Guiding DIAL system commissioning and initial well unload, training users and then guiding day-to-day system operation to maximize production optimization.

Throughout a project life-cycle we collaborate with you to ensure the DIAL system is correctly specified, reliably installed and then fully utilized to maximize production optimization and NPV enhancement.

Schedule of Services

Project Management

  1. Project manager interfacing with key stakeholders.
  2. Weekly project schedule updates.
  3. KPI’s assigned and monitored.


  1. Quality Plan.
  2. Inspection Test Plan.
  3. Co-ordination of third-party inspection and reporting.

Application Engineering

  1. Gas lift design for life of well.
  2. Setting depths and orifice sizes.
  3. Unloading procedure and production operating plan.

Data & System Integration

  1. Co-ordination between client and RTU/SCADA vendor.
  2. Design, Modbus mapping and implementation of user-interface.
  3. Full DIAL System Integration Test ahead of well completion.

User Training

  1. DIAL System user training delivered onsite or remotely.
  2. Gas lift optimization and best practices training.
  3. Handouts and training materials provided.

Well Unloading & Production Kick-off

  1. Unloading technical support provided onsite or remotely.
  2. DIAL System configured for optimum production.
  3. Full playback video provided with unloading report.

Production Optimization Support

  1. Regular well model calibration based on real-time data.
  2. Well optimization recommendations and guidance.
  3. Well production troubleshooting.


DIAL can be applied in several completion architectures to optimize gas lift production from single and multi-zone reservoirs in onshore, offshore and subsea operating environments.

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