DIAL Flex Lite

Unconventional, low-producing and mature wells can give you big headaches.
So we give you the small wonder.

DIAL Flex Lite - the affordable and agile solution for optimized gas lift from unconventional and mature onshore wells.

Dial Flex Lite enables single and dual-directional flow and instantaneous changes in valve settings without working over, and without shutting down the well. It’s the cost-conscious, high-performance solution optimized for shorter lifespan and mature onshore wells.


  1. Unconventional oil wells

    Affordable and intervention-free surfaced-controlled gas lift for your shorter-life wells. Reliable, easy to install and operate, DIAL Flex Lite boosts your well production and your profits.

  2. Mature, lower-producing onshore wells

    Optimize production with single or dual action flow applications. A motorized actuator controls valve opening from zero to 1/2" equivalent orifice size, equipped with built-in pressure and temperature sensors.


  1. Rapid pressure and temperature sensing

  2. Dual direction flow

  3. Testable cableheads

  4. Flooded Motor Housing/actuators

  5. Single conductor TEC

  6. ‘Plug and play’ cableheads

  7. Metal-to-metal electronic housing seals

  8. Position sensors

  9. Metal-to-metal closure seal


  1. Optimized production

  2. Reliability

  3. Strong operational support and worldwide expertise

  4. Reduced gas consumption and greater carbon intensity

  5. Greater affordability

  6. Faster installation

  7. No gas diffusion through elastomers and thermoplastics

  8. Differential pressure unloading

  9. Accurate reservoir monitoring and prediction

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