Silverwell Enters African Market With Surface-Controlled Gas Lift for Major International Oil Company

27 Mar 2024

Media Release

Successful partnership prompts request for Digital Intelligent Surface-Controlled Gas Lift Systems to Optimize Production Efficiency and Performance Offshore Nigeria

HOUSTON, March 27, 2024Silverwell Energy Inc. (“Silverwell”) has extended the global frontiers of its industry-leading digital intelligent artificial lift (DIAL) gas lift production optimization system to Africa, by securing a contract from a major operator offshore Nigeria.

It is estimated that using DIAL will enhance the net present value (NPV) of each well by up to $50 million over their lifetime. The contract is expected to lead to further adoption of DIAL in West Africa and across the continent.

Silverwell’s DIAL technology is being installed in shallow water oil wells in the Gulf of Guinea, operated from an unmanned production platform.

DIAL is used by operators around the world both onshore and offshore. The system integrates in-well monitoring and control of gas-lift well performance with surface analytics and automation to continually optimize production, remotely and without well intervention.

The real-time, surface-controlled system cuts well lifecycle costs by eliminating well intervention, avoiding deferred production, and substantially reducing logistics expenditure – a significant benefit in West Africa.

“The key driver for the operator was the OPEX saving related to well intervention and the associated logistical cost. The DIAL system also enables the ability to ensure continuous and remote well monitoring and production optimization,” said Stephen Faux, General Manager of Operations for the Eastern Hemisphere.

“Conventional gas lift systems would require identification of the optimization issue, data analysis, vessel mobilization, and ceasing production to perform well intervention to change the gas lift valve(s). This process, from start to finish, can take several months and incurs significant financial impact. With DIAL, all data is delivered in real time to the engineer’s desk allowing them to perform analysis, identify uplift opportunities, and make changes to the configuration without visiting the platform. Petroleum engineers can improve production uplift in minutes,” he added.

Darrell Johnson, Silverwell CEO, commented: “Entering the African market and successfully delivering our first project there is a major milestone for Silverwell, as recognition of DIAL’s benefits to operators continues to gather momentum globally.

“Opening up this latest frontier for our industry-leading technology provides a platform for further expansion in West Africa and the wider continent. We see significant potential for DIAL in Africa and elsewhere. From North America to the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and now Africa, demand for a proven method to reduce operational expenditure while maximizing asset productivity is growing. We’re excited for the next steps in DIAL’s journey toward adoption by operators in every region.”

About Silverwell

Silverwell is a global developer, manufacturer and provider of digitally intelligent gas lift production optimization systems and services for the energy sector. Silverwell’s Engineering and Manufacturing functions along with, Marketing, Field Operations and Regional Sales are based in Houston, Texas. Silverwell has Regional Sales and Operations offices in London, UK, Malaysia, and a Corporate office in the UAE.

Silverwell is certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety.


Abdel BenAmara, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere

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