Case History

DIAL System Installed in High Deviation Offshore Well

A five well pilot program was initiated with an offshore operator in South East Asia. This consisted of three single string and two dual string wells across multiple operating assets. The purpose was to test the DIAL system in multiple operating conditions, including high deviation deployment. This would prove DIAL’s interventionless production optimization capabilities ahead of a wider adoption strategy.

Client Challenge

The operator has offshore single and dual completion wells requiring continuous supervision. Dual string wells that are operated with PPO valves tend to multi-point and shallow inject, leading to reduced production. Costly tractor intervention is required to change valves that are deployed at a high angle. The operator relies on flowing gradient surveys to determine well performance and injection depth.

DIAL Solution

The first well installed was a single string completion. The DIAL System can be deployed in the horizontal section of the well, resulting in significant cost savings by avoiding tractor interventions in the highly deviated section of the well.

A multi-drop 3.5” slimline DIAL system with two units was installed to a depth of 6,000ft MD, at a deviation of 78°. One DIAL unit was deployed for unloading with a second installed just above the packer. This DIAL unit would be used for gas injection and was equipped with three valves, allowing for fine adjustment of the gas injection rate up the maximum surface supply of 1,000 MCF/Day. DIAL’s built-in downhole sensors enable a better understanding of reservoir behavior and triggered data-driven decisions for reservoir stimulation.

From the initial project scoping through to the operation, Silverwell consulted closely with the operator with regards to the gas lift design, completion procedures, well unloading, post-installation data analysis, and well troubleshooting.


  1. Operational Flexibility

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the well was completed and unloaded with a local operations crew with Silverwell providing remote technical support throughout the operation.

  2. Remote Unloading

    The well was unloaded and brought onto production remotely using Silverwell’s DIAL-It-In Visualization Software. Silverwell personnel provided the operator with remote support online.

  3. Intervention Savings

    Tractor intervention saved which would be required to change orifice size with a conventional gas lift installed above 60° inclination.

  4. Well Integrity Monitoring with DIAL

    Monitoring the DIAL System data identified the presence of debris in the back-check valves. Silverwell consulted closely with the operator, assisting in remedial actions such as 'rocking the well', flushing, and actuating the DIAL valves to remove the debris and regain well integrity.

“Silverwell successfully overcame COVID-19 restrictions and they identified and addressed debris in gas lift valves.”


Tubing 3.5” 9.2 lb/ft
Casing 7” 29 lb/ft
DIAL Depth 6,000ft. MD
Bottom Hole Pressure 1,200 Psi
Bottom Hole Temp 95 °C
Casing Head Pressure 1,150 Psi
Well Head Pressure 200 Psi
Gas Lift Injection Rate 1,000 MCF Day

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