DIAL's Contribution to Sustainability in the Oilfield

A Conscious Effort to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Production Operations

  • Remote control and operation
  • Smarter and more efficient use of produced gas
  • Eliminates need to mobilize equipment for wireline and tractor intervention
  • Smarter and more efficient injection gas distribution
  • Can be powered by solar panel
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  1. Reduced Gas Flaring

    Smarter and more efficient use of produced gas, vastly reducing the need for flaring

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  2. Reduced Emissions

    Smarter and more efficient use of lift gas can allows the operator to better control CO­­2 emissions with respect to production.

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  3. Reduced Environmental Footprint

    In Situ wells reduce oil productions environmental footprint with respect to both physical footprint and emissions.

    • No gas compression facilities or electrical / gas infrastructure required
    • No waste associated with power generation or workovers related to ESPs

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