Three Core TEC Line | Power & comms to integrate in-well components with surface control system


Silverwell’s Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift (DIAL) gas lift production optimization system uses a Tubing Encased Conductor (TEC) line for communication and control between downhole DIAL Units and the Surface Control System (SCS).

Three TEC conductors provide an electrical pathway for power and communications. Individual conductors each have their own insulation bound together by an inner encapsulation. This inner loom is encapsulated by a ¼” metal tube to protect the conductors from wellbore fluids and downhole pressure. The metal tube is encapsulated with an outer encapsulation composed of a durable thermoplastic to provide abrasion, point load, and impact resistance.

The TEC is securely clamped to the production string at every joint and consistently monitored for damage during Run in Hole.


  1. Power and communications

    pathway for monitoring and control of in-well components of DIAL system: Concentric and Slimline DIAL Gas Lift Units, DIAL Sensing Units

  1. Integrates DIAL system

    packer feed through, wellhead penetrations and wellhead outlet


  1. ¼ Inch metal tube
  2. SS316 or A825 options
  3. Outer encapsulation options - Polypropylene, EFE, or Nylon
  4. Integrity testing as Run In Hole
  5. Field installable


  1. Industry standard for integration with completion components - packers, tubing hanger penetrations, wellhead outlets, protectors and clamps
  2. Tubing metallurgy can be tailored to suit the well environment
  3. Resists damage during installation. Alternate materials available upon request
  4. Consistent and verifiable continuity and comms testing for early identification and remediation of TEC damage
  5. Cut to length and terminated at the well site using industry standard techniques for safety and efficiency


Conductor - A #18 AWG 19/30 Tinned Copper
OD=0.048 in | 1.22 mm Nominal
Insulation - B Colored FEP T-01
OD=0.079 in | 2.0 mm Nominal
Color=Black | Red |White
PTFE Tape - C OD=0.180 in | 4.52 mm Nominal
Tubing - D Metallurgy=SS316L Stainless Steel | 825 INCOLOY® Alloy 825
Wall Thickness: 0.89 mm (0.035")
OD=0.250 in | 6.35 mm Nominal
Encapsulation – E Yellow Round Profile Polypropylene
OD=0.433 in | 11 mm
Rating External Working Pressure=20,000 psi | 1,379 Bar
External Collapse Pressure=40,000 psi | 2,758 Bar
Temperature=300 deg F | 150 deg C
Electrical Characteristics DC Resistance at 68 deg F / 20 deg C=20.8 ohms/km |6.34 ohms/1,000 ft
Voltage=500 VDC
Insulation Resistance at 68 deg F / 20 deg C=4,328 megohm- 1,000 ft | 1,319 megohm – 1,000 m
Note: INCOLOY® is a registered trademark of the Special Metals Corporation group of companies.

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