Dual String Applications


Dual String gas lift applications offer significantly reduced cost and environmental impact by utilizing a single well to independently produce two zones.

These have historically utilized a combination of Production Pressure Operated (PPO) valves in one string and Injection Pressure Operated (IPO) valves in the other to theoretically provide some level of control in each well, but the gas always ends up going to the weaker string. In Practice these systems are rife with multi-pointing, instability, and chatter leading many operators to only produce one string at a time or abandon dual string completions altogether.

Silverwell’s DIAL System solves the problems of IPO / PPO Dual String Completions by giving operators the ability to instantly and independently control gas lift in each string without intervention. Rather than the strings fighting each other for lift gas, the operator can control and optimize total production leading to more production, less cost, and reduced carbon impact.


  1. Regions where multiple reservoirs can be targeted with a single well

  1. Wells with changing parameters

  1. Locations where frequent workovers are prohibitive

  1. Inconsistent gas supply


  1. Surface contro
  2. Variable downhole choke sizes
  3. Gas lift valves do not operate based on pressures or temperatures
  4. Pressure and temperature sensors
  5. Downhole injection rate measurement
  6. Slimline design
  7. Less wells


  1. Gas injection can be adjusted downhole at any time over the life of the well without intervention
  2. Gas flow to each string can be adjusted independently without changing surface pressures
  3. No multipointing, instability, or chatter
  4. Better understanding and calibration of reservoir models
  5. Highlights well problems such as slugging or gas bypass
  6. Operator can estimate flowing bottom hole pressure and drawdown
  7. Measure gas flow rate into each string
  8. Eccentric slimline design allows installation in any well that can accept dual conventional gas lift strings
  9. Reduces cost by cutting number of wells in half
  10. Improves access to less prolific reservoirs

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