DIAL Surface Control System | Remote real-time monitoring & control of gas lift system


The SCS Surface Control System (SCS) is the well-site interface component of Silverwell’s DIAL production optimization system.

Via a Tubing Encased Conductor (TEC), the SCS operates in-well DIAL Units to continuously monitor downhole conditions and control gas injection rate and depth. The SCS controls the system at the wellsite with push-button controls and touch-screen, or remotely via the operator’s DCS and SCADA systems. Production engineers can review in-well data and adjust gas injection rate and depth on site or remotely.

Easily integrated into existing DCS and SCADA systems, DIAL’s SCS has a small footprint, low power requirement and data logging, enabling operation in remote areas. It is highly customizable including Ex rating and multi-well installation.


  1. Interior or exterior installation

    connected to in-well DIAL system and configurable for single or multi-well applications.

  1. Configurable

    Onshore or offshore, Zone or Ex rated, optional solar power, tolerant of desert and arctic remote environments.


  1. Remote monitoring and control of DIAL units with available automation
  2. Low power requirements and small footprint
  3. MODBUS communications protocol
  4. Customizable
  5. Multiple DIAL unit capability
  6. Local and remote control and monitoring of DIAL units
  7. Data-logging
  8. Intuitive and user-friendly navigation
  9. Robust enclosure and low maintenance frequency


  1. Continuous well optimization, with associated production increase, without cost and risk of intervention
  2. Ease of installation including solar power capability in remote locations
  3. Industry standard for ease of integration into existing control systems
  4. Explosion proof ratings, multi-well or string completions and severe environments
  5. Each SCS can control up to 16 DIAL lift gas injection and sensing units
  6. Touch-screen display for data-driven production management decision making
  7. SCS stores data locally for troubleshooting, data recovery, and operation with non-SCADA installations
  8. Encourages users to adopt a more interactive and immediate approach to gas lift well optimization and troubleshooting
  9. Assures system up-time and reduced non-productive time


Dimensions Door Open 24.9 in x 18.0 in x 7.6 in | 634 mm x 458
mm x 194 mm
Door Closed 13.0 in x 18.0 in x 7.6 in | 330 mm x 458
mm x 194 mm
Power Consumption

24V | 1.7A Peak | 0.24A Nominal

100-200 VAC | 1.2 A Peak | 0.16 A Nominal

220-240 VAC | 0.6 A Peak | 0.08 AA Nominal

Supply Options 24 VDC | 115 VAC
| 240 VAC
Environment Max. Working Temperature 140 deg F | 60 deg C
Ingress Protection IP65 (door closed) | IP54 (door open)
II 3 G Ex-nR
Control Communication MODBUS RTU RS485 Protocol
Interface Local HMI or integration with SCADA
Logging Integral logging capability

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