DIAL TEC Protectors | Assuring life-of-well reliability


Integrity of the Tubing Encased Conductor (TEC) line during installation is critical to the long-term reliability of a DIAL gas lift production optimization system. Silverwell adopts recognized industry best practices in designing TEC clamping and protection strategies.

The DIAL system’s TEC is protected in two ways: by clamping the TEC to the production string and completion components; and by protecting the TEC when there is an upset in the OD of the completion string

Clamps are available in cast or pressed steel configurations with the choice dependent on the specifics of the application. They are typically placed over couplings in the production string - Cross Coupling Protectors.

Custom designs can be specfied to provide protection for tubing crossovers, to secure spliced TEC, or to provide stand off for completion components such as Subsurface Safety Valves and Sliding Sleeves.


  1. All DIAL system types

    Configured to protect TEC in single and dual-string DIAL systems.

  1. Efficient installation

    Sourced from reputable suppliers and supported by highly competent field service personnel.

  1. Integrated

    Clamps configured for correct integration with other completion items including dual strings.


  1. Manufactured in 316 stainless and carbon steel metallurgies to suit all well conditions
  2. Application specific designs available and tailored to individual completion architecture
  3. Ease of installation


  1. Corrosion resistant for life-of-well
  2. Assure high reliability of DIAL system during installation and when operating
  3. Rapid installation reduces required rig time nd associated costs


Material Steel or 316 Stainless
Optional Pressed Steel Manufacture Reduced cost and lead time | Smaller diameter tubing strings
Cast Steel Increased strength and chemical resistance in harsher well conditions
Fastening Options Pinned for pressed clamps | Bolted for cast clamps

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