Concentric DIAL Units | Higher Rate Single String Wells & In-Situ Gas Lift


DIAL units are the primary in-well control and monitoring component of Silverwell’s Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift production optimization system.

Each tubing deployed Concentric DIAL unit has up to six independently actuated gas lift injection valves. Custom orifice configurations are selected to match predicted gas injection needs across a well’s operating life.

Multiple DIAL Units can be installed with a single Tubing Encased Conductor (TEC) providing real time control of injection rate and depth. Integral Check Valves qualified to API 19G2 assure well integrity and are immune to chatter that plague conventional gas lift systems.

Continuous downhole permanent monitoring data informs production and reservoir management decisions including automated gas lift production optimization.

DIAL increases production and reduces cost with interventionless operation that dramatically reduces HSE risk. DIAL also enables deeper injection to maximize drawdown and efficient use of available lift gas.


  1. Onshore & offshore higher rate single string wells

    Integrate in-well monitoring and lift gas injection adjustment for continuous and remote optimization without intervention.

  1. In-situ auto gas-lift applications

    Monitor and control lift gas produced from one zone to lift production from another.


  1. Surface controlled variable orifice size
  2. Integrated back-pressure valves
  3. Tubing & annulus pressure and temperature sensors
  4. No gas-charged bellows
  5. Unlike conventional valves, no casing pressure loss when transferring stations
  6. Testable cableheads and E-Beam welded construction
  7. Interventionless and remote operation
  8. Low power draw
  9. Onboard condition monitoring


  1. Continuous production optimization without intervention
  2. Qualified to industry standards to maintain well integrity
  3. Real-time visualization of flowing gradient and in-well lift gas injection rate to assess well performance for date-driven decisions
  4. Consistent valve performance, regardless of well conditions, and eliminates chatter or multi-consistent continuity and comms testing to identify TEC Damage pointing
  5. More efficient use of available lift gas to inject deeper and/or lift more wells with the same available compression horsepower and less injection stations
  6. Hermetically sealed electronics enables life-of-well reliability
  7. Continuous production optimization with reduced logistics costs less HSE risk exposure
  8. Solar powered operation in remote environments
  9. Feedback of correct valve actuation and overall system health


3-1/2" 4-1/2" 5-1/2"
Dimensions OD 5.787 in | 147.0
6.787 in |
172.4 mm
8.46 in |
214.88 mm
ID 2.963 in |
75.26 mm
3.936 in |
99/97 mm
4.879 in |
123.93 mm
API Drift 2.867 in |
72.8 mm
3.833 in |
97.4 mm
4.767 in |
121.1 mm
Eccentricity 0 0 0
Connection Type JFE Bear
Custom threads available on request
Weight 9.2 lb/ft 12.6 lb/ft 17 lb/ft
Orifices Per Unit 3 or 6 4 or 8
Range 4/64 in to 12/64 in
Rating Collapse 6,000 psi | 414 Bar
Burst 10,000 psi | 689 Bar
Temperature 257 deg F | 125 Deg
Construction Metallurgy UNS N07718 Inc 718 | UNS S20910 | XM-19 Nitronic 50HS
Electron Beam Welded | Metal-to-metal | FKM
Termination Metal-to-metal | Field testable
& Control
TEC ¼" Tubing Encapsulated Conductor | 3 Conductor
Unit Count Max 16 DIAL units per system | Depth dependent
Range Max deployable depth=30,000 ft | 9,150
m | Unit count dependent
Monitoring Sample Rate 1 to 60 per minute | Configurable to use case & well design
Accuracy +/- 0.15% FS (10 ksi)
Note: Burst rating reduced to API value for tubulars below 10 ksi.
Note: JFEBEAR™ is a trademark of JFE Steel Corporation.

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