Case History

First DIAL System Successfully Installed on Proof-of-Concept Pilot Deployment

A one well pilot was executed with an onshore operator in the Middle East. The primary purpose was to prove the DIAL system concept in terms of its ability to be integrated in the well completion, successfully communicate, and to actuate gas lift valves from surface.

Client Challenge

The operator has many onshore shallow injection gas lifted wells with high water cuts. The client’s objective was to prove, on behalf of its joint partners, the DIAL concept and its effectiveness in managing gas lifted production.

DIAL Solution

A single 3.5” concentric DIAL Unit was installed to a depth of approximately 4,000 ft MD inside 7” casing. Two conventional IPO valves were installed above the DIAL System for the purposes of well unloading. The DIAL Units were equipped with 6 valves, allowing for fine adjustment of the gas injection rate. As this DIAL System was a proof-of-concept model, the primary barrier to the downhole electronics were elastomeric seals. Due to the use of elastomeric seals, it was predicted that this DIAL System would run for 1-2 year before yielding to gas permeation.

Following the successful well deployment, the SCS was fully integrated into the operators SCADA system allowing for monitoring and control of the DIAL System from the operator’s head office.

Following approximately 15 months of service, communication was lost to the DIAL System as predicted. Due to the DIAL’s fail-as-is feature, gas lift valves remained in the open position allowing gas injection to continue for a further 3 years after the lost comms failure.

During the pilot period, data was communicated to the surface and valves were functioned open and close to adjust gas injection. This ultimately demonstrated the proof of concept of the DIAL System prototype leading to a redesign of the seal system prior to wider adoption.


  1. Successful well installation

    First DIAL System successfully installed without incident.

  2. Proof of prototype concept

    DIAL System communication and valve functionality successfully demonstrated.

  3. Lessons Learned

    The lessons learned from the pilot led to extensive design improvements of the DIAL System. This included hermetically sealed electronics and further reliability testing and qualification ready for future deployments.

"Silverwell demonstrated DIAL System proof of concept with first prototype deployment”


Tubing 3.5" 9.2 lb/ft
Casing 7" 29 lb/ft
DIAL Depth 4,000 ft MD
Bottom Hole Pressure 1,800 psi
Bottom Hole Temp 160 deg F
Casing Head Pressure 1,100 psi
Wellhead Pressure 200 psi
Gas Lift Injection Rate 500 Mcf/d

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