Dual String Gas Lift First Helps South East Asia Operator Achieve Digitalization Vision

20 Nov 2020

Media Release

London, United Kingdom – (19 November 2020) - Silverwell has completed the world’s first successful offshore installation of an intelligent dual string gas lift completion for a client in South-East Asia. Two independently surface-monitored and controlled gas lift production optimisation systems were installed side-by-side in the same well. Silverwell’s DIAL (Digital Intelligent Artificial Lift) system has enabled completely independent and remote optimization of production from two producing reservoir zones in this deviated offshore well. In comparison to conventional intervention-based gas lift technologies, the client expects to realize significant enhancements to production rate as well as reduced HSE risk and operating costs.

In a broader strategic context, this installation of DIAL, a digitally enabled technology, will continue to drive a paradigm shift to intelligent gas lift optimization for Silverwell’s client. The benefit of dual-string completions in reducing drilling CAPEX by independently producing two reservoirs in one well can now be fully realized in gas lifted fields. The well is also the first on an unmanned platform to be equipped with DIAL. The interventionless and remote operating capability make continuous adjustment and optimization of gas lifted production possible without the presence of production operations personnel on the platform.

Silverwell recognizes that this installation is a significant milestone for its client, a long-time supporter of the company’s work. Silverwell also recognizes the invaluable contribution of the company’s local installation partner. This particularly the case in overcoming logistical constraints imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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