DIAL-ed In: Pascal Menand

26 Oct 2021


Pascal Menand

Our expert Q&A sessions are designed to give you insight into the people behind Silverwell and share the value they bring. Each month, one of our global experts will share information on their role and their vision for the future of the industry.

Pascal Menand recently joined Silverwell as a Key Account Manager. DIAL in to learn about his interests, expertise, and how he is enjoying working with us.

Tell us about yourself and your background.

I’m from France and have a degree in Electronic Engineering. I was interested in the oil and gas industry from an early age, so choosing a career in it was a natural progression. I’ve always loved traveling, too, so a job that involved working in different countries appealed to me. I have held a range of global senior account leadership and business development roles, including Southern Europe / North Africa Regional Manager. Before joining Silverwell, I worked at Weatherford for 21 years and Halliburton for 19 years. I never tire of traveling and meeting new customers.

What does your role involve?

I focus on contacting potential customers and following up on technical and financial proposals. Talking to customers about DIAL is always enjoyable because the system’s benefits are clear to them.

I joined Silverwell because I was impressed with DIAL and I could see how it would help field operations; I want to make sure potential customers know about it too.

The DIAL system is an amazing, highly technical digital gas lift solution to a widespread challenge – production optimization. I’m most frequently asked about DIAL’s ability to increase production and reduce injected gas levels. Customers are always impressed when I show them the results.

It’s an exciting technology all around, but my work supporting our new DIAL solution for subsea is most interesting to me right now.

What trends do you think the oil and gas industry will see over the next five years?

Digitalization will play a major role in field development and production optimization with fewer personnel exposed to field operations.

Gas lift operations will undergo a similar transition. Operators will be able to manage and monitor their wells with fewer team members onsite and less access to the site. Silverwell’s digital approach to gas lift can enable this change while reducing production management uncertainty. Our approach means operators can achieve more production with less intervention.

Why is faster technology adoption important for the oil and gas industry?

Lower-priced oil means production optimization is more important than ever. A way to achieve that is through better technology.

Where do you see Silverwell in five years?

Silverwell offers an innovative, practical solution for production optimization. I’m confident that in five years DIAL will be an industry standard for gas lift.

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