DIAL System Injects Deeper Delivering More Production Than Legacy IPO Gas Lift

DIAL System Injects Deeper Delivering More Production Than Legacy IPO Gas Lift
Case Study

An IOC operating in the Permian Basin initiated a pilot program of Silverwell's DIAL gas lift production optimization system.

The purpose was to assess Silverwell’s delivery and installation, DIAL technology reliability, and to evaluate lift performance improvement compared to a conventional Injection Pressure Operated (IPO) gas lift system.

Client Challenge

The candidate unconventional well operating with IPO valve gas lift had experienced shallow and multipoint injection leading to low production rates of less than 50 STB Liquid/Day.

The operator planned to workover the well and install a DIAL System to enable deeper and single point injection, resulting in increased production.

DIAL System Solution

A multi-drop 2-7/8” DIAL System with five Slimline units was installed to a depth of 7,300 ft MD inside 5.5” casing. Each DIAL unit was configured with three 10/64” orifice ports. The DIAL System was configured to enable implementation of plunger lift in the later phases of the well's life.

A solar powered Surface Control System (SCS) was integrated into the operators Distributed Control System (DCS) for remote monitoring and control. Data included DIAL valve status, tubing and annulus pressure / temperature gradient. Well monitoring and production optimization of the DIAL system was done remotely from the Operator’s office location.

Unlike IPO (Injection Pressure Operated) valve gas lift, the DIAL system is fully controlled from surface. It is not dependent on casing pressure drops to open and close valves. The DIAL System uses all available casing pressure to the deepen the achievable injection point. A major benefit for the Operator as it allowed deeper injection quicker with an associated increase in production.

DIAL Results

Increased Gas Injection Casing Pressure

The DIAL System enabled the operator to achieve deeper injection compared to the conventional IPO valve system.

Production Decline Forecasting

The DIAL System data enabled the operator to perform production decline curve forecasting.

Data Driven Injection Depth Transfer

DIAL System data used to transfer injection depth by 1,000ft within 3 months of well kick-off.

Production Increase Compared to IPO Valve Well Design

Well production with the DIAL System increased to 800+ STB Liquid/Day, compared to less than 50 STB Liquid/Day with previously installed IPO valve gas lift completion.

“DIAL System increased production to 800+ STB Liquid/Day from less than 50 from the previously installed IPO valve gas lift completion”


Tubing 2-7/8” 6.4 lb/ft
Casing 5-1/2” 20 lb/ft
DIAL Depth 7,300ft. MD
Bottom Hole Pressure 2,500 Psi
Bottom Hole Temperature 135 F
Casing Head Pressure 1,100 Psi
Well Head Pressure 195 Psi
Gas Lift Injection Rate 1,000 Mcf/Day

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